You joined Toastmasters to

MuseMentor helps you get tailored feedback from a mentor that understands your goals

We also help your mentor & club

Mentors need more support on how to provide effective feedback

MuseMentor gives mentors clear guidance on how to provide goal-focused feedback

Clubs are busy enough, it's hard to find time to run a strong mentorship program

MuseMentor cultivates a self-running healthy program clubs can review in less than 10 mins weekly

MuseMentor is for Toastmasters clubs everywhere


For Mentees

  • Simple speech editor and audio recording
  • View mentor profiles with a summary of skills and experience
  • Invite mentors from within and outside of your Toastmasters club
  • Keep speeches and feedback organised
  • Regularly review progress towards personal goals
  • Easily change mentors

For Mentors

  • Helpful hints and guidance on how to provide effective feedback
  • View and stay focused on your mentee's personal goals
  • Mentor efficiently with notifications that tell you when you're needed
  • Mentor as few or as many members as you want

For Clubs

  • Easily keep track of who is mentoring who
  • Learn how satisfied mentors and mentees are with their relationship
  • See how often mentors and mentees communicate
  • Senior members are automatically asked to mentor when needed
  • Simple monthly subscription

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